Shadows on the Mall



"Think of it like this. Every clan makes applesauce, but Marie, well, she has a special type of applesauce, but her and her clan don't like to share their recipe 'cause then everyone would be able to make that applesauce. So she's mad that someone else in her clan gave away the recipe."

-Brian Dannington, attempting a metaphor about Protean to explain why Marie was pissed

"Alexander, your flower is bleeding."

"Oh, yes. It was its first time."


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SotM Character Creation Questionnaire. Fill this out within 2 months of character creation to earn 5 XP (max. starting xp is 30).

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Player Fiction

Players often share character-based short stories, flash fiction, dreams, or conversations. These may be read on an OOC level, only, but any interested party is welcome to join the group and share in the fun. Click to join District_Doings

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