Shadows on the Mall


Games are held every other Sundays.

Check-in begins at 2:00p.m. Game begins at 3:00p.m. and generally ends around 7 p.m.

Mid-Atlantic LARPs

DC is an In-Character co-host of the annual Nonclave event held over Labor Day weekend in Prince William Forest Park, Triangle, VA.

All games are held at a private home in Berwyn Heights, MD, near the intersection of the Beltway and 465. The address is 8615 63rd Ave. Please park along the rec fields, not in front of homes. The house is also home three cats. If you have allergies, please prepare yourself. Also, please be mindful of the pets when you enter and exit the house.

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A private home is the current game site.

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ST Staff

Sooper, HST

has ST'd in OWbn for nearly three years cumulatively, in addition to serving as Nosferatu Coordinator since 2011 and as a SubCoordinator from 2006-2011. He likes bacon. And eating humanity.

Alison R, ST

Alison has been an ST for SotM since Dec. 2008 with a 1-year sabbatical. Alison has been a player in OWBN since 2003. Alison also has a cat who likes to bite her (ouch!) when she's trying to type things, such as the webpage.

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House Rules

House Rules are available at The house rules may be updated at the ST's discretion without warning although notice will be sent to the OOC list for the game.

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