Shadows on the Mall


The District of Columbia, home of democracy and governance. From the marble halls of power to the green expanse of the National Mall; it calls to many. It calls to those who seek power, seek change, wish to make their mark...and those whose power is truly at the heart of the most influential nation on earth. At night, however, there is another predator lying in wait.

The true power lies in the hands of immortals. Kindred.

The District has been in the hands of the Camarilla for a scant decade, and yet it is the jewel in the Camarilla's crown. It is a beacon to many, and an inscrutible labyrinth to others -- it holds an undeniable sway over the children of the night.

Shadows on the Mall is a live-action role playing game in the One World By Night universe. Washington, DC has had a OWBN game since before 2000, but no one's exactly sure how old it really is. Maybe it's secretly an elder game that's been around since time immemorial and no one's paid enough attention to notice. o_O

You can email the STs at sotmsts[at]googlegroups[dot]com.

You can email the entire game IC-ly at sotmic[at]googlegroups[dot]com.

You can email the entire game out of character at sotmooc[at]googlegroups[dot]com.

Feel free to email the STs with character questions, between game actions, complaints, Paypal gifts, or comments. Any visiting player who wishes to bring in an NPC from another game must notify and receive approval from the HST 48 hours before the game. Violators of this rule may be struck down by the hand of God (or a grumpy Antedulivian stirred from his raves under the Washington Monument) without warning or retest.